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Q: Regarding electronic waste and building new devices, could there be a skeme so that consumers can bring their old smartphone to the store manufacturer and have a discount, so that could boost recycling of materials?



Q: How could product lifetime extension be implemented in Europe? Is this about a kind of reverse guarantee that forces companies to innovate to provide longer lifetime? or is it about creating new standards?



Q: Can circular digital  economy, while creating jobs in the "refurbishment" part, cost jobs in the more general sense as in those ones which continuously create new devices today?



Q: How to address the problem that green regulations can be bypassed by basing ICT services mainly in countries that do not enforce them?



Q @ Emma & Ilias in particular: Is (will be) there any incentive - we spoke about labels, Stickers, Buttons in another session - where eg the EU would lend Support to climate neutral DCs?



Q: How about the paradox of being cybersecure by the updates that are being pushed and what Lousewies said: "Every bloody upgrade costs memory and slows down the device - "forcing" us to either forego upgrades or move towards a new device."


Q: Should government become more active in promoting sustainable consumer behaviour with regard to e-waste & data consumption? Just as they advice to "bring your thermos coffee" or to "quit smoking?"