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Q: It's a pleasure to see <name> among the panelists too, as she' s an observer of Action Group 5 in Eusalp of which I am part. I have a question: can 5G be an enabling technology not only for Smart Cities, but also for Smart Villages? If so, how can operators solve the problem of bringing 5G to rural and sparsely populated areas?

Q: from a technical perspective, do you believe that 5G and beyond benefit from the proposed NewIP standards developments or will IPv6 and its successors suffice?

Q: So my (very direct Dutch) question to Cao Hui: How do you feel about everyone assuming that because Huawei or any Chinese company  is subject to Chinese law its technology would be abused by the Chinese Communist party for its political goals?

Q: how you can ensure The equivalent of today's "free to air distribution" of local contents  in the future 5g environment, if we want to keep our culture and diversity ? is this included in the télécoms players plan even if doesn't help to monetize… but has a lot of public value...

Q: Is broadcasting for emergency situations not aimed to technologies owned by every Citizen, meaning 2G, so that there is no one left behind?